Aviation Experience

My experience in the field public relations related to aviation ranges from national aviation media relations for a St. Louis-based FBO/MRO operator, crisis communications and litigation support, to creation of brochures in support of jet aircraft sales and maintenance.

Having worked closely with reporters from vertical trade publications aimed at the aviation & aerospace professionals to the daily (national) newspapers whose beat includes aviation, I understand what they need, and can tailor your objectives to fit those needs.

Successful media relations in the aviation business, as with almost any business, consists of finding the right angle to interest reporters and editors and providing them with information about your company in a positive, timely and professional manner. 

Many aviation reporters have been covering the subject for years and it isn’t easy to find something that’s news to them.  It requires both an understanding of the reporter’s needs and complete fluency in your business. All it takes is some time for me to become acquainted with your company and understand your marketing objectives.  For example, are you introducing a new product or service?  Is it something nobody else is doing?  Is it a new approach to serving pilots or travelers?  Is it an innovation in technology?  All of these qualify as news.  Success is determined by how and when you present it to the media.

My background in aviation businesses goes back to 1985.  In the course of that work, I’ve been able to successfully provide and promote:

>  Corporate jet aircraft sales;

>  MRO

>  Refitting corporate aircraft interiors;

>  Aircraft and engine maintenance;

>  FBO;

>  International air cargo for an airport, as well as

>  Aviation trade show exhibitor training,

>  Message development;

>  Media training, and

>  Strategic counsel to CEOs and boards.

In addition to my own skills, I can bring together the right team to create product brochures, annual reports, sales collateral materials and other printed materials, as well as advertisement concept, placement and execution.

Whether you need to get the word out about something new, enhance your company’s reputation or strategic marketing counsel for an integrated marketing campaign in support of sales, I bring the depth and breadth of experience gained from more than 20 years in the field of aviation needed to help you succeed.